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The Mogol is a charming family run boutique hotel, set in a relaxing location where we give our guests a comfortable, relaxing and truly memorable
holiday in idyllic surroundings.

The owner, Lieutenant Colonel T. Stobdan Kalon, VSM Bar; a retired army officer from Leh, is a renowned mountaineer and a skier who has a deep knowledge
of the Himalayas, especially the mountains of Ladakh. Among his achievements is opening the Siachen Glacier for the Indian army. There is an extract on him in the book "Heights of Madness" written by Myra MacDonald.

Col. Kalon had actually built the place as a retirement abode to accommodate his large family, but with almost all his children living- abroad he decided to convert the building into a hotel this was how the Mogol Hotel and later Silk Route Cottages started.
The Mogol Hotel and Silk Route Cottages are run by Col. Kalon and his son Namgyal Wangchuk Kalon. 


Namgyal Wangchuk Kalon, combines his over 20 years of experience in the travel industry in the Himalayas, with his passion for food as a restaurateur to give you
a complete experience in Ladakh tailored specifically to your personal requirements. He has also appeared in couple of cookery shows like NDTV's Chak Le India. They have a team of cheerful local staff
providing warm hospitality with friendly personal attention.

The Mogol is now run by Col. Kalon, and his son Namgyal Wangchuk Kalon along with his grandson Singye Wangchuk Kalon.

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